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"another lover hits the universe. the circle is broken. but with death comes rebirth, and like all lovers and sad people, i am a poet." | mobile navigation
this wasn't supposed to be a teen wolf blog, oops.


→ → darling, i didn’t mean to love you dead: an allydia mourning mix
{l i s t e n}

In the dark, I tried to swallow your death sentence. I tried to cage my scream like something feral. I failed and you’ve got the eulogy to prove it. Darling, I bit my lip so hard it bled, I didn’t mean to love you dead. Now I’m writing you love letters with an Ouija board. Now I’m slipping on my headphones and singing along to your pulse. You’ve become the ghost in my haunted house heart and I’ve become a screaming mausoleum. Oh, sweetheart, that was never the way to paint your lips red.

o1.) your ghost - greg laswell o2.) when i was five - clare bowditch & the feeding set o3.) world spins madly on - the weepies o4.) cold is the night - the oh hello’s o5.) agape - bear’s den o6.) i couldn’t save you - sharon van etten o7.) for the sake of remembering - dave melillo o8.) living with ghosts - smoke fairies o9.) youth - daughter 1o.) ghost (canzone triste d’amore) - musica triste & pianoforte 11.) dark paradise - lana del ray 12.) sleeping with ghosts - placebo 13.) pale - within temptation 14.) extinguish me - soap&skin 15.) never get to heaven - sarah blaine 16.) stainache - emma louise 17.) my immortal (acoustic) - evanescence 18.) echo - jason walker 19.) little talks - of monsters and men 20.) hanging on for hope - the new amsterdams


What did they call it?

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currently at my cousins apartment staying the night so it’s v hard to avoid tw spoilers and I won’t be able to watch until tomorrow night when I’m home ahhh

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well if we t a k e all these things and we b u r y them fast and we p r a y that they turn to seeds, to r o o t s, and then grass, it’d be alright, it’s a l r i g h t. it’d be e a s i e r that way. 

— daisy, brand new

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"…my life, for the most part, has been very stale and colorless. Dead, I mean. The world has always been an empty place to me. I was incapable of enjoying even the simplest things. I felt dead in everything I did.’ He brushed the dirt from his hands. ‘But then it changed,’ he said. ‘The night I killed that man."

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what are your sharpen settings for gifs??

I downloaded a pack of Photoshop resources from yeahps and it came with a gif sharpening action but I can’t remember which pack it was, I’m sorry! Although, the action I used on my old gifs can be found here

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For whatever we lose
(a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves
we find in the sea.
 - E.E. Cummings

Keke Palmer geting emotional in an interview with Raven Symone (x)

Normalcy is not interesting. 

"I really do miss what we almost had."
Unknown (via arkitextura)

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and we spoke about the father, son, and holy ghost and which p s a l m s we had learned the m o s t. then we all turned to d i r t and d u s t.

— at the bottom, brand new

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Another Weeknd show in Las Vegas, another 21+ venue that I cannot get into.

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